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Non-profit & Charity Law

Using the law to further the aims non-profit and charitable organizations is part of Fleming & Associates core beliefs. We believe in the power of people to help change their community for the better.

Non-profit Law

Canada’s non-profit sector organizations provide a significant contribution to communities that they operate in. These organizations have legal needs that often go unaddressed as staff, volunteers and board members do not know where to turn to for assistance. Fleming & Associates offers a wide range of services to non-profit and charitable organizations.

We provide advice and assistance in the establishment, including charitable status, and in the maintenance or dissolution of your organization.

With personal experience in the non-profit sector, Laura Berezan can provide invaluable advice to the board of directors on their legal responsibilities as directors and in interpreting legislation to ensure they are complying with the variety of legislation that affects non-profit sector organizations.

Charity Law

We can also work with potential donors and volunteer sector organizations to establish endowments both prior to and after death.

We also can assist the board of directors if a staff or volunteer has made a complaint to the Human Rights Commission, Employment Standards Branch or initiated a law suit.